What we do

Since 2014, our company has been in the market for hydrocarbon fuels additives. During the first year of operation, we were surprised that independent filling station networks do not have the tools to compete with vertically integrated oil companies. We switched to finding a solution that would allow any filling station to become extra-unique to its customers.

InnTechTrade company is a resident of Technopark in the field of high technologies.

Our mission is to bring operational and ecological characteristics of fuel sold in Russia and abroad to a new level, and make it available to any consumer. For this purpose, we help fuel companies attract customers and win their loyalty in a highly competitive market with the help of improved fuel and marketing tools. We give consumers the opportunity to refill vehicles with improved fuel, which prolongs the life of the engine, saves costs and reduces harmful emissions.

In 2015, the marketing department of InnTechTrade developed the comprehensive proposal named EXTRA for filling station owners who want to sell branded fuel in their network.

Turnkey branded fuel

“EXTRA” is a turnkey solution that includes a fully developed corporate identity, promotional materials, documentation support and a marketing launch plan.

Due to the constant increase in experience, the average start-up time for sales at a new filling station has been reduced from 6 months to 25 days. Our comprehensive solution is implemented in 14 regions of Russia and in Kazakhstan. «EXTRA» fuel is sold at 160 filling stations.

We always look for new partners

Selling fuel under your own brand is a universal technology that allows market leaders to strengthen their position. “Ecto”, “G-drive”, “V-power”, “Ultimite” are brands that won the hearts of car owners long time ago.

Enter the market with the brand “EXTRA” and compete with the vertically integrated oil companies.

From the first days of cooperation with our partners, we build win-win relationships. Win-Win cooperation is the philosophy of InnTechTrade. We believe that absolutely any situation can be changed and turned into an ideal one, when all parties gain benefit.

WIN-WIN is philosophy of InnTechTrade company:

1. Your filling station network benefits from the fact that it gains a competitive advantage among market leaders and increases the number of loyal customers, and this is the most valuable asset. Your company earns on it.

2. Customers of your filling station benefit from extension of the engine, fuel and exhaust systems life span. In addition, they save 10% of fuel costs.

3. InnTechTrade gains from sales of an additive for premium fuel manufacturing.

4. Residents of the city win because the environment is less polluted. When using fuel with combustion catalysts there are 50% less toxic substances in the exhaust gases than from ordinary fuel EURO5 *. It is important for us.

It’s easy to work with us.

Leave a request and our consultant will contact you and answer all your questions about fuel modifiers.