Fuel Oil (Mazut) Modifie - TMM

● For fuel oil of all grades of marine oil and furnace oil
● 1 liter is designed for modification of 100 000 liters of fuel oil
● The product is produced according to the company standard 37342250-005-2013. Fuel oil is modified according to the company standard 37342250-004-2012

TMM is used to improve the operational characteristics of fuel oil without changing its physico-chemical parameters. The fuel modifier stabilizes the dispersed water in the fuel, which allows to use the fuel oil with a moisture content of up to 15%, and in some cases even higher.


It is a low-hazard product, by the degree of its impact on the human body belongs to the hazard class 4 in accordance with GOST 12.1.007- 76.

The composition includes:
● distilled water according to GOST 6709-72 or CAS No7732-18-5;
● aliphatic alcohols of the composition CnH2n + 1OH according to GOST 9805-84 or CAS No. 67-63-0;
● carbamide derivatives, composition: more than 30% nitrogen, more than 20% carbon, more than 6% hydrogen according to GOST 2081-92 or CAS No. 57-13-6;
● alcohol soluble dye according to GOST 9307-78 or CAS No11099-03-9.

Expiration date – 3 years from the date of production.

Declared improvements from the application:

reduction of specific fuel oil consumption by 10-15%;
● reduction of turbulence and increase of fuel oil flow rate in the injectors by 20-50%;
● reduction of the focus of the flame and increase in flame temperature by 100-200 ° C;
● decrease in convective heat transfer and increase in more efficient radiant heat transfer (the heating rate of the heat carrier increases);
● cleaning of heat exchange surfaces from carbon and sulfur compounds;
● reduction of thermal corrosion;
● fuel equipment, pipelines and tanks cleaning from hydrocarbons from heavier fractions of oil;
● reduction of nitrogen oxides emissions by 15–20%.

* The evidence is confirmed by an expert opinion from leading Russian universities.