Fuel Modifier for Propane-Butane Gas Mixture - TMG

● For propane-butane gas mixture
● 1 liter is designed for the modification of 100,000 liters of liquefied gas
● The product is manufactured according to company standard № 37342250-005-2013. Gas is modified according to the company standard № 37342250-003-2013

TMG is used to improve the performance properties of gas without changing its physico-chemical parameters. The gas is modified by mixing the modifier with the gas. In the first modification, the amount of modifier is calculated basing on the amount of gas remaining in the tank and the volume of gas in the tanker container. The subsequent modification of gas is carried out only taking into account the volume of gas in the container of the tanker.


The gas is modified during the transfer time at a temperature from -30 to +45 C. Changes in temperatures do not affect the properties of the modifier. The opened container with TMG should be stored with a tightly closed lid.

TMG is a low-viscous blue liquid readily soluble in hydrocarbons. Handling the product does not require special precautions.

The composition includes:
● butylacetate according to GOST 8981-78, No CAS 123-86-4, hazard class IV or ethyl acetate according to GOST 8981-78 No CAS 141-78-6, hazard class IV;
● esters of glycerol and higher acids according to GOST 1129-93;
● fat-soluble dye GOST 4770-77.

Expiration date – 3 years from the date of production.

Declared improvements from the application:

● increase in motor potential up to 30%;
● increase in torque on the shaft by 4-12%;
● increase the service life of the catalyst up to 40%;
● reduction of specific gas consumption by 10-30%;
● reduction of oil consumption for waste up to 30%;
● a decrease in the concentration of harmful substances in exhaust gases: nitrogen oxides 15–30%, carbon monoxide up to 30%;
● continuous cleaning of the catalyst and exhaust system.
● anti-corrosion and lubricating effect.

Note *

* The evidence is confirmed by an expert opinion from leading Russian universities.