Since 2014 our company has been in the market for hydrocarbon fuels additives. During the first year of operation we were surprised that independent filling station networks do not have tools to compete with vertically integrated oil companies. We switched to finding a solution that would allow any filling station to become extra-unique to its customers.

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Market leaders about branded fuel

ALEXANDER KRYLOV Regional Sales Director, Gazprom Neft

G-Drive is a fuel of the new generation. Personal, strong, modern and dynamic brand of motor fuels is an obvious advantage in a highly competitive market and a necessary condition for attracting premium customers.

MARTIN LUSTENBERGER General Manager, Licensed Markets, Shell

Shell V-Power Fuel is a premium product co-engineered with Ferrari. We sell V-Power in 68 countries, in different countries sales figures vary, but it is nice to note that in the last two years, sales of premium fuels have been growing in Russia.

ALEXANDER KORSIK President of Bashneft

New branded fuel is another practical result of the company's investment in the development of the company. The introduction of ATUM fuel to the market reflects our desire to produce only high-quality products, take care of the environment, and promote positive changes in the lives of consumers and society.


Being a leader is when competitors follow your every move. A minor slip is enough to lose customer loyalty. Therefore, we need such a proposal that will guarantee uniqueness and quality. The launch of EXTRA branded fuel is a step ahead of the curve.

Our clients

Aero is a premium filling station network in the Leningrad region. The network sells branded fuel under its individual brand name AERO.

"Kuzkei" is a filling station network in the Republic of Tatarstan. The Kuzkei network was provided with promo materials and Extra fuel sales launch marketing plan.

«Garant» is a filling station in Tomsk. The filling station sells branded fuel under the brand EXTRA. 92 EXTRA fuel was launched at the Garant filling station.

Gas Energy is a filling station network in Kazakhstan A project for selling EXTRA branded gas was launched at 110 filling stations with the help of InnTechTrade Company.


Брендовое топливо. Вчера, сегодня, завтра

Специфика российского рынка топлива: конкуренция растет лавинообразно, при этом продукты и услуги разных поставщиков не отличаются друг от друга.


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